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“Listen up people: your house is a mess and you gotta do something about it. You know it, you've just been procrastinating, or you're ADD, or you've been busy with other things. Get help and get it done. You can do this, you know you can do this if you have a little help. No more excuses, there's no shame in needing a partner and pusher to get it done. Mindy and her staff will be the nudge you need to sort, purge, donate, toss. You know you've got "stuff" in those closets that have sat there for years. Move it along...get it back into circulation. Get it into the hands of someone who will use it. Mindy is delightful to work with and as you bump up against decision paralysis she will kindly and compassionately help you push through it so you can finish the job and start the next project. Her services are reasonably priced and you won't waste time. When you're done, pour a cuppa something and go put your feet up and smile. A job well done.”
- Phyllis Izant

BEST cleaning service I have ever had!!!!
- Michelle English

Mindy has an eye for detail and organization. She intrinsically knows where things should be placed according to her clients needs and style. When I come home after Mindy has been there it's like walking into a well appointed home, simply using what I have in my home. It's the placement and the flair that Mindy naturally provides.
- Kory Keath

Best job I’ve ever had.
- Peter Mason

Your first visit with Mindy is a free one hour consultation where she has a conversation with you about what you'd like to accomplish. That starts the battle planning for what next. In my case I needed home organization and regular cleaning help. We scheduled our first visit with her and her cleaning staff.

On the appointed day Mindy arrived with her two helpers, Maria and Claudia. Mindy worked with the client (me) and Maria and Claudia did deep cleaning in other areas of the house. If you don't want a deep cleaning you don't have to work with them you can just work with Mindy. She is a focused individual and she has good patience. She understands the time it can take someone with ADD to get through the process although I've been working at this for a couple of years so I'm much less attached to "stuff" having worked with another person several years ago. She moved out of the area so my efforts came to a halt until my very good friend told me about Mindy.

I sometimes get "stuck" on little things and having a person working by my side helps me get unstuck. For example, we reorganized my pantry closets and threw out stuff that was past expiration, rancid or stale. Then we moved on to the kitchen drawers and the basement playroom. Three hours of intense work and we got a TON of stuff done. We all need to do this but it's better working with someone with a keen nose and outsiders view and with no attachment to the "stuff." So do work with Mindy because your involvement in the process will make it a success, faster and cheaper in terms of her time.

Now that I'm significantly unstuck, Mindy's cleaning team of Maria and Claudia are coming over about every two weeks to finish the deep clean. Deep dusting, wiping out drawers, etc.
Look, let's face it. You've got stuff to sort, donate, throw out and reorganize. You hate doing it alone. In fact if left to your own devices you wouldn't do it...you haven't done it so far and that's why you're reading this review. Call Mindy and get going. Spend the money, get it done and then move on to enjoy your open spaces, open shelves and clean bathroom tiles and drawers.

- Phyllis Izant

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